Undergarments to Outerwear

Sure your style is impeccable and you’re ready to let the world have it! but before you walk out the door inspect those panty lines, suck it in and lift it up. The wrong underwear can turn an outfit from  “fierce” to “unfortunate”. No excuses, we all have to buy underwear at some point; so when shopping put a little more thought into what’s going to show off your fierce figure from your undergarments to outerwear. The most common and easiest mistake to make is wearing an incorrect bra. The greatest thing about bra shopping is you’re not alone. Most stores that carry lingerie provide complimentary bra fittings and are very helpful in finding that right bra for your bust. If you’ve got it flaunt it, fit your bust correctly by lifting them to attention and smoothing out any unflattering lumps.

I personally hate to feel anything jiggle, so until I hit the gym, thank goodness for the limitless options to nip the jiggle in the bud.  Here are a few of my favs…

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